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Watch Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine demonstrate how to administer Naloxone nasal spray to save a life.


A synthetic drug similar to morphine that blocks opiate receptors in the nervous system.

What is Naloxone?

Naloxone is a drug which when administered during an overdose, reverses the effects of that overdose.  Naloxone has the ability to bring a person who has stopped breathing, back to life if it is given quickly enough.  That’s why Pennsylvania has passed David’s Law which allows access to Naloxone to anyone who have a loved one who is at risk.  In order for an addict to begin treatment, the person must be alive!  And Naloxone has been proven to save lives.

David’s Law

Opioid Overdose Reversal ACT 139

Who can get it?

DDAP’s Guidance Document for First Responder Agencies Seeking to Obtain Naloxone Hydrochloride
Friends and family

How do I get it?

DOH Standing Order Document

What does this mean for members of the community?

Members of the community, family members, friends, and bystanders may be prescribed naloxone and can lawfully administer the drug to someone who is experiencing an overdose.  Although not necessary to receive a prescription for naloxone, we recommend training.  Please visit to access an available training to access an available training.  Please click here for the Friends and Family Guidance Toolkit. (PDF)

What is the Good Samaritan Provision?

Through the ‘Good Samaritan’ provision of Act 139, friends and loved ones are encouraged to summon emergency medical services by calling 911 in the event they witness an overdose.  The law is meant to quell the fear of arrest in calling authorities for an overdose event by offering certain criminal and civil protections for those that do.  Law enforcement entities in other states that have implemented Good Samaritan protections for those who dial 911 in good faith have reported significant improvements in community relations.

Additional information

Information on Naloxone injections from the US National Library of Medicine

Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit – 2014  In an effort to save more lives from opioid overdose, SAMHSA published this toolkit to equip communities and local governments with material to develop policies and practices to help prevent opioid-related overdoses and deaths.

Additional information from SAMHSA on Naloxone.

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