Need immediate addiction assistance? Call the 24/7 toll free hotline Get Help Now, 1-800-662-HELP (4357).
Watch this video for important information from the CDC on Opioid prescriptions.
80% of heroin abusers reported abusing prescription opioids before abusing heroin.
In PA, more adults age 20 to 44 are dying from drug overdoses than motor vehicle accidents.
Heroin is the most common drug in death cases where illicit drugs are present.
In 2015, PA’s drug related deaths were 3,383, a 23.4% increase over 2014.
Heroin was present in overdose deaths in 59 out of the 62 PA counties that reported drug related deaths.
White males make up 74% of the reported overdose deaths.

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Watch Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine demonstrate how to administer Naloxone nasal spray to save a life.

What this site is about:

The Senate Republican Caucus created this website, A Commonwealth Crisis, as a tool to assist Pennsylvanians to talk and learn about the ever growing Heroin and Opioid crisis which is taking lives of our citizens every day. Addiction to these drugs has taken hold in every corner of our state, within every racial segment of society, and on every socio-economic level. Gone are the days of a stereotypical heroin addict; today, they are your daughters, your sons, your teachers, your grocer, and yes, maybe even you. Experts agree, the best way to confront this crisis is to bring it out from behind closed doors and talk about it, so we can address it together. We hope that the material you find contained on this site, which is a compilation of the works of many organizations, will help you educate yourself or someone you may know.


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Sponsored by the Senate Republican Caucus, this series of regional Telephone Town Halls, highlights the statewide public health crisis of Heroin and Opioid abuse in Pennsylvania and connects listeners with local experts to provide education and assistance.   The Telephone Town Hall services for A Commonwealth Crisis Event Series are provided in partnership with Broadnet.   For more information visit